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Single or Double Personal Alarm Buttons from only 66p per day

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Single Personal Alarm Buttons

The single button is best for anyone living on their own - peace of mind for all the family

Single Red Button Alarm - (Most Popular)

Single Red Button Alarm - (Most Popular)

From only 68p per Day

Our most popular pendant alarm. The Myamie includes the rental unit as well as the 24/7 support of our UK based Emergency Response Centre. All it takes is a press of the button to get a fast response from a team member specially trained in assessing emergency situations. The Myamie also comes with your choice of wrist strap or neck cord so that you can wear the pendant the way that suits you. Also included is our 5-star service with free service visits.

Single Helpline Button - Onyx

Single Helpline Button - Onyx

From only 68p per Day

The Onyx personal alarm is an attractive black pendant designed to not only keep you safe but to look great as well. Inspired by popular jewellery this stylish button is lightweight and features an easy to press recessed button on the front face. The Onyx can be worn with an easy to use neck chain or with a sleek Wristwatch style attachment. The Onyx comes with the same 5 star 24/7 service as all of our other pendant alarms.

Double Personal Alarm Buttons

Double buttons are best for couples, friends or relatives living in the same residence who both have health concerns

Double Lifeline Alarm Button - Myamie

Double Lifeline Alarm Button - Myamie

From only 81p per Day

Two Myamie pendant or wrist alarms can be used with the same base unit providing protection to couples or any two people living together. Helpline recommends the double care alarm option when one or both inhabitants suffer from hearing difficulties or other medical condition that could lead you to have trouble helping each other in the case of a fall or other accident. Our Emergency Response Centre has all the information on the screen for each alarm as soon as they respond to either button being pressed. This choice helps ensure peace of mind for everyone in the home!

Double Personal Alarm Button - Onyx

Double Personal Alarm Button - Onyx

From only 81p per Day

The Double Onyx pendant option is a great way to ensure everyone in the home is safe. It is possible to mix and match the attachments so that one wearer uses one of our watch style wrist alarms whilst the other enjoys the neck chain version. By both having alarms it is easy to feel safe and secure whilst in different parts of the home, or even if one of the pendant alarm wearers is enjoying the garden. Like all of our alarms the Onyx a great working range of almost 500 feet (150 metres) Help! For you both at the press of a button.


I recommend it to anybody. It’s brilliant, it’s saved my life 3 times. If it wasn’t for that button, I don’t think I would be here.

Mrs M, Bristol

I am so pleased to know my husband has the helpline as I can relax I go out for a while.

Mrs B, Bournemouth

When I succumbed to very bad and frightening nose bleeds, I pressed my button and in a very short space of time the paramedics and ambulance were with me. This really is a great comfort, to know that Helpline is there. I couldn’t do without them.

Mrs W, Exeter
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Our Personal Alarms for the Elderly vary in design and style and can be worn around your wrist or your neck, or even discreetly under your clothes. It is up to you!

The Onyx button, for example, is designed specifically to resemble jewellery with an attractive neck chain, or in the case of wrist alarms, a stylish watch.

Our friendly regional demonstration and installation team will be happy to show you all of the options so you can wear the pendant in a fashion that suits you.

Each Pendant Alarm is lightweight and easy to use with a recessed activation button situated on the front face of the alarm. This button is easy to press in case of emergency with the recessing helping prevent cases of accidental panic alarm activation. All of our buttons are fully waterproof to ensure they can be used high fall risk areas such as the bathroom or shower and can even be worn whilst doing the washing up. With a range of 164 feet, around 50 metres the alarm reaches every part of your home and can protect you when you are in the garden as well.

The battery on each alarm lasts an average of a massive 7 years and are replaced as part of our free service vists.


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