Key Safes

For security and peace of mind

A small safe, the first approved by the Police that Helpline attach securely to the outside of the property.

No batteries or mains wiring required

Only you and Helpline has access to code

Access to emergency servies

Attack resistant

Rust and water resistant

Supra C500 Keysafe and Installation

Supra C500 Keysafe and Installation

Key Safes hold keys to the door securely inside it on a hook for ease of access.

Only the customer and Helpline know the combination to open the key safe and we would not give this to anybody except the Emergency Services in order to gain entry to the property in the event of need to deliver help. 

If Key Holders are unavailable or a customer does not have Key Holders – Key Safes (which never go on holiday) allow us to get the Emergency Services into the property as fast as possible. Getting access to the property by this method can save valuable time in the case of an emergency. 

This also prevents potential damage if emergency services felt it necessary to force entry to a house to provide medical assistance quickly enough.

The Helpline Support Team have been trained by Supra UK, manufacturers of the Supra C500 Key Safes. Installation of the key safe according to the manufacturer’s specifications is required to maintain the police accreditation.

Our key safes are rust and water resistant and their zinc alloy construction make them attack resistant. This means that once installed, they are incredibly low maintenance. With their minimal, low-profile design they can remain unnoticed and you can rely on them being ready to work if they are needed in an emergency situation.

The Key Safe is mechanical, it functions during power cuts – no batteries or mains wiring is required.

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