Terms and Conditions

  1. The Emergency Response Centre will answer calls from the Helpline Limited Personal Alarm 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  2. They will, on receiving a call for assistance, contact the User/s Key Holder/s, Doctor or the Emergency Services as the Emergency Response Centre considers appropriate.
  3. If Helpline Limited have installed a Key Safe, the Emergency Response Centre will not give out the code of the Key Safe to anyone excepting if the Emergency Response Centre consider it appropriate to give the code to the Emergency Services in circumstances they believe would be beneficial to the User/s.
  4. If Helpline Limited have installed a Key Safe, we do not warrant that the Key Safe cannot be broken into or removed. In no event will Helpline Limited be liable for loss of use, lost profits, theft, property damage, or special, incidental, or consequential, damages of any sort.
  5. Helpline Limited will maintain the Personal Alarm should it malfunction as soon as practicable to include labour and parts.
  6. Helpline Limited will reinstall the Personal Alarm, in a property the User/s move to anywhere in the UK. This service is charged for.
  7. Helpline Limited cannot be held responsible for failure of the service due to circumstances beyond its control, such as calls not received by the Emergency Response Centre due to problems with telephone lines, disconection or incorrect rewiring of the of the alarm by the User/s or agents/associates of the User/s, disconection of the power to the Personal Alarm or delay / failure by the Emergency Services or Key Holders to respond.
  8. Helpline Limited will not accept responsibility if delays occur in answering the  alarm due to problems with the User’s telephone line being occupied by an answering machine or service, fax machine, or a problem with the User/s internet connection or other telephony equipment or from adverse weather conditions.
  9. Helpline Limited will not be liable for any costs associated with any damage to the property the User/s live/s in, or any liability, arising from a visit by the  User/s Key Holders, members of the Police, Ambulance or Fire Services or any persons called by Helpline Limited directly or indirectly to the User/s assistance in the event of the User/s requiring or not requiring assistance.
  10. All Alarm equipment supplied by Helpline Limited to the User/s remains the property of Helpline Limited at all times and in addition may only be monitored by Helpline Limited or its authorised agents.
  11. On cessation of this Contract there may be a collection charge for the return of the equipment. Any items missing or damaged will be charged for.
  12. No sensors or triggers of any type, other than those supplied by Helpline Limited, may be connected to the Helpline Limited Personal Alarm System without prior written permission from Helpline Limited. Helpline Limited will not be liable for the reliability, programming, batteries, maintenance or ongoing connection to the Helpline Limited Alarm System of sensors or triggers supplied by any other party.
  13. Helpline Limited reserves the right to end this Contract in cases of misuse or non-payment. The Contract is not transferable.

The User Agrees

  1. That on the 1st of May every year, the Rental, Monitoring and  maintenance charge payable to Helpline Limited shall be increased by the percentage that the All Items Retail Prices Index has increased in the  year up to the preceding September.
  2. To ensure that my Key Holders listed have been contacted and that they are willing to participate and have a key    to my/our property or know the  combination of the Key Safe purchased from Helpline Limited or the  Key Safe fitted by the User/s or agent of the User/s.
  3. To not divulge the combination of my/our Key Safe fitted by Helpline Limited to any persons other than my/our Key  Holders
  4. To inform Helpline Limited of changes to my/our medical or personal circumstances, Key Holder details or Key Safe combination.
  5. That it is my/our responsibility to ensure that there is a key to my/our property in the Key Safe at all times.
  6. That it is my/our responsibilty to ensure that the Emergency Services and Key Holders can gain acces to my/our property twenty four hours a  day without hinderance.
  7. To inform Helpline Limited of periods when I/We am/are going to be away from home; eg holiday or stay in hospital.
  8. To inform Helpline Limited if I/We am/are moving for Helpline  Limited to reinstall the Personal Alarm & Key Safe in the new property.
  9. To take reasonable care of the Helpline Limited Personal Alarm  equipment and will be responsible for any breakage, loss or damage  caused by any party other than Helpline Limited employees or authorised agents to include electrical storm or power surge damage
  10. To take responsibility for covering the Helpline Limited Personal Alarm equipment under my/our household insurance in the event of 10.
  11. To test the Helpline Limited Personal Alarm at least once a month. Please refer to you Customer Hand Book for guidance.
  12. That I have received the Customer Hand Book detailing specifications of the Alarm such as the range of the button etc.and the Service Supplied.
  13. That the minimum period of this contract is TWELVE  months.
  14. To give not less than  THREE complete calendar month/s written notice of termination of this contract.


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