The Process

Here at Helpline we provide personal alarms for the elderly to ensure peace of mind for you and your family. Our process is simple and reassuring, from installation through to our ongoing five star personal service.

Visit file
We carry out a friendly home visit and alarm installation
Monitoring file
We provide a simple to use and discreet system
Service file
We offer 24/7 ongoing care for peace of mind
A member of the Customer Support Team will visit your loved one, give a detailed explanation of the service and install the alarm. (Helpline Team Members all wear Helpline uniform and carry photographic ID). We will complete the necessary paperwork and ensure that your loved one is happy and competent with the alarm before we leave.
We will guide your loved one through the installation process, dealing with any initial questions or concerns they may have and regularly monitoring the system from afar once installed. Care is our number one priority and it’s the personal touches we provide that make us stand out from the rest. Moreover, our pendant alarms are designed for ease of use and comfort whilst remaining discreet, with stylish designs to choose from. They are lightweight and can be worn discreetly around your loved one’s neck or on their wrist. This gives them the choice of how to wear it but ensures that the alarm is always on their person and always accessible. The pendants are also waterproof so they can be worn at all times, including in the bathroom, kitchen and in the garden up to 164 feet (50 metres) away.
A Helpline personal alarm for the elderly guarantees you a more personal service. If an emergency arises, there will be no need to remember phone numbers or other details - we will already know who is calling and where from - and you can rest assured knowing that the call will be answered within seconds. The Emergency Response Centre assesses every situation individually and will call either you, the nearest Key Holder, their Doctor or the Emergency Services as appropriate. We aim to go the extra mile and remove any barriers to care. Therefore it’s hugely important to us that hearing, sight or speech impairment is not an impediment when it comes to using our service.
We know that falls and other accidents cannot be predicted, but Helpline offer a level of care that allows you peace of mind, knowing that our service is fully operational for the protection of your loved one 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.


MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy New Year from Helpline! We recently had a corporate photo shoot, we thought you would like to see the staff behind your 5 star service

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MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy New Year from Helpline! We recently had a corporate photo shoot, we thought you would li……

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