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Personal fall and panic button alarms for the elderly and those at risk

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Our process is simple and reassuring, from installation through to our ongoing five-star personal alarm service.


Pick the best personal alarm service for you

A Helpline personal care alarm for the elderly guarantees you a more personal service.

If an emergency arises, there will be no need to remember phone numbers or other details - we will already know who is calling and where from - and you can rest assured knowing that the call will be answered within just seconds.

Alarms & Pricing
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Full installation and explanation of how our panic alarm system works

A member of the Customer Support Team will visit your loved one, give a detailed explanation of the service and install the alarm. (Helpline Team Members all wear Helpline uniform and carry photographic ID).

We will complete the necessary paperwork and ensure that your loved one is happy and competent with the alarm before we leave.


Choose from a wrist strap alarm button or a pendant alarm button

No need to remember phone numbers or other details as we will already know who is calling and where from. You can rest assured, knowing that the call will be answered within seconds.

The Emergency Response Centre assesses every situation individually and will call either you, the nearest Key Holder, their Doctor or the Emergency Services as appropriate.

Process Steps Image

Our care alarm service for the elderly has received a 5-star rating!

We know that falls and other accidents cannot be predicted, but Helpline offer a level of care that allows you peace of mind, knowing that our service is fully operational for the protection of your loved one 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.

Alarms & Pricing

*It is hugely important to us that hearing, sight or speech impairment is not an impediment when it comes to using our service.

We aim to go the extra mile and remove any barriers to care.

To speak to an advisor call: 03458 247999

Greater Peace Of Mind

I felt I had to write to you regarding Helpline and what it means to me. I feel so secure and safe having the button to press at any time day or night
Mrs MF, Godalming
To all of you like me, getting on a bit, (I’ll be 88 in December) it’s good to know you have help when needed. I heard about Helpline & got in touch,...
Mr HS, Brighton
……Suddenly I remembered my Helpline button which I wear around my neck day and night, and pressed it. Immediately the reassurance of a friendly voice...
Mrs JH, Bere Ferrers
When I was introduced to Helpline I had no qualms about becoming a contributor. I registered – had all the encouragement and details, kept in touch...
Mr & Mrs P, Luton
I am writing to say a big thank you for your very quick response when I pressed my red button. I was taken very poorly and taken into intensive care,...
Mrs DP, Bournemouth
…..That the member of your staff came to sort out the matter on a Saturday afternoon was a very pleasant surprise in this day and age! She swiftly...
Mrs JS, Bristol
A few lines to say how satisfied I am with your service. I was taken ill …I couldn’t reach my telephone, but having your pendant I was just a button...
Mr RB, Honiton

If you are unsure which of our personal alarm systems is best suited to you or a loved one.

Our expert team of regional demonstrators will be able to assess your needs and show you all of the latest equipment so that we can help you make an informed decision.

You can try on each different elderly alarm and see whether you feel more comfortable with a neck cord or wrist strap. The demonstrator will show you how to use all of the equipment and explain what options are available. If you have any questions about the service they will be able to give you the answer. Common questions include the range of the pendant (around 50 meters) and “how do I test if it is working?” (a quick press of the button followed by informing the response centre you are testing).

Once you have made your choice, our demonstrator can handle all of the installation process for you.  They will assess the best location for the base unit and install it safely and securely.  We also handle all of the paperwork at the installation so there are no complicated or confusing forms for you to fill out.

We aim to make the process as easy as possible for you and your family.