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Simply connect the base unit near a telephone point or broadband router

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Helpline will test call and make sure everything is working perfectly

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24/7 monitored response service providing reassurance to you and your family

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Greater Peace Of Mind

I recommend it to anybody. It’s brilliant, it’s saved my life 3 times. If it wasn’t for that button, I don’t think I would be here.
Mrs M Bristol
I am so pleased to know my husband has the helpline as I can relax I go out for a while.
Mrs B Bournemouth
When I succumbed to very bad and frightening nose bleeds, I pressed my button and in a very short space of time the paramedics and ambulance were...
Mrs W Exeter
All the support team are so helpful, it means a lot to this ‘golden oldie’
Mrs C Portishead
The Five Star Helpline family has certainly lived up to their name for me. There have been several times I’ve had to press my button for help, and it...
Mrs H Bath
I would like to say how very much more secure I feel knowing that there is someone at Helpline to whom I can speak if needed. I also know my family,...
Mr B Rochester
My wife and I cannot praise Helpline enough. The service provide is first class. When my wife was taken ill and we called them as instructed, their...
Mr W Birmingham
I cannot thank you enough for the prompt action taken when I had a medical emergency. Your operator kept me calm as we waited for the ambulance to...
Mr H Birmingham
 I thought of my button and put my hand down my neck and it was there. The thought that it might help me was my only hope. I pressed the button and...
Mrs C Gloucester
A few lines to say how satisfied I am with your service. I was taken ill …I couldn’t reach my telephone, but having your pendant I was just a button...
Mr RB Honiton
…..That the member of your staff came to sort out the matter on a Saturday afternoon was a very pleasant surprise in this day and age! She swiftly...
Mrs JS Bristol
I am writing to say a big thank you for your very quick response when I pressed my red button. I was taken very poorly and taken into intensive care,...
Mrs DP Bournemouth
When I was introduced to Helpline I had no qualms about becoming a contributor. I registered – had all the encouragement and details, kept in touch...
Mr & Mrs P Luton
……Suddenly I remembered my Helpline button which I wear around my neck day and night, and pressed it. Immediately the reassurance of a friendly voice...
Mrs JH Bere Ferrers
To all of you like me, getting on a bit, (I’ll be 88 in December) it’s good to know you have help when needed. I heard about Helpline & got in...
Mr HS Brighton
I felt I had to write to you regarding Helpline and what it means to me. I feel so secure and safe having the button to press at any time day or night
Mrs MF Godalming

The safety concerns of you and your loved one are our number one priority

Family members are generally very concerned for the safety and wellbeing of their elderly parent or relative, and will encourage the installation of a personal pendant alarm service with 24 hour monitoring. This gives peace of mind to family, friends and the service user alike and is a real lifeline when needed.

If you’re worried that your parent or relative could have an accident or fall ill at home with no one there to know, then you are not alone. Today in the UK, one in two people over the age of 75 will suffer a fall each year. This means that, sadly, the chances of this happening to a disabled or elderly loved one living on their own are extremely high.

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Personal alarms for the elderly should be simple to operate & easy to afford.

We understand it's vitally important that during an emergency the lifeline alarm system is easy to use and accessible. Our products are chosen for those qualities, among others, with lightweight and discreet buttons, long-lasting battery life and convenient ways of being worn or carried, making help available, quite literally, at the touch of a button.

Our 5-star rating includes the highest level of customer service and of course our hugely important emergency alarm response unit, with lightning fast response times, a literal lifesaver when those extra few seconds can be so vital.

I cannot thank you enough for the prompt action taken when I had a medical emergency. Your operator kept me calm as we waited for the ambulance to arrive. “Help at the press of a button” Never a truer word, it takes a lot of worry out of living alone to know help is at hand 24/7. I would recommend it to anyone.

Mr H, Birmingham

 I thought of my button and put my hand down my neck and it was there. The thought that it might help me was my only hope. I pressed the button and immediately the voice came and told me not to worry – it was one of the best moments of my life! .... I never ever move without my button, it is just so important and a real life saver.

Mrs C, Gloucester

What happens when I press the button?

Pressing the button: The button you wear is lightweight and showerproof, this applies to all styles supplied by Helpline. They are not designed to be immersed in water for long periods of time, but can be worn in the shower. Bathrooms are high risk areas and we encourage you to wear your button. The buttons Helpline provide have a good range and are designed to protect you in average sized gardens. The range of the standard MyAmie button is 164 feet, the Onyx covers you for up to 200 metres and the GPS device will locate you anywhere provided it is visible by satelite.

Getting help to you: At the Emergency Response Centre, your details display on screen, and we will see your emergency contacts also. We can speak to you through the speaker in the base unit to find out if we need to alerts your contacts or the emergency services. Remember the Emergency Response Centre is available to you twenty-four hours a day. On shift, ready to take your call seven days a week.

Helpline Personal Alarms X329

Services and ongoing support

During the Covid-19 Pandemic we are keen to protect the safety of our customers and staff and therefore are offering easy self install options as standard with expert telephone guidance and pre-setup units that just need to be plugged in. 

Helpline are concerned that you are protected properly, we do everything that is needed to ensure you receive the very best service. The members of our customer support team in the field are all Helpline full time employees. They are security checked, wear photographic Identification and will arrive in one of our Helpline lettered fleet vehicles.

We will complete the paperwork with you so that we ensure we have all the necessary information for the Emergency Response Centre to pass on to Emergency Responders if required. We will do the installation of the base unit for you, no need for you to worry about wires and connections. We will put up the key safe for you, no need to find a handyman.

On-going Customer service:

Helpline provide a genuine five star service. Our customer services from the Customer Support Team maintain a 'Helpline Family' feel for our customers, we have regular contact to ensure medical and contact details are up to date on a regular basis.

Additional Services:

In addition to the personal alarm service, Helpline can also supply falls detectors, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms, all linked to the one base unit for small additional cost.

1 in 3 people aged 65+ will fall at least once a year

In 2017-2018 more than 220,000 emergency admissions to hospital were falls related

03458 247999

Mrs A was making a cup of tea for her lunch, and had slipped on her floor, and knocked her kettle, upon grabbing the side, Mrs A burned her hand and forearm. With urgency, she pressed her red button, and upon communication with our response centre, she had an ambulance with her within 15 minutes, bandaging her arm up, and making sure she was okay to be left alone. 

Mrs A was so happy with the response time, she felt it was important to ring us, to let us know; so she could share her experience with others.

Mrs A, Kettering

I lost my balance in my home and fell down. I pressed my alarm and got through to the services, they immediately sent an ambulance and let my neighbours know what was going on. I found the experience very good and quick

Mrs P, Wiltshire

About the button and base unit

The Button
The button you wear is lightweight and showerproof. This applies to all styles supplied by Helpline. They are not designed to be immersed in water for long periods of time, but can be worn in the shower. Bathrooms are high risk areas and encourage you to wear the lifeline red button.

The buttons we provide have a good range and are designed to protect you in the average sized garden. The range of the standard MyAmie button is 164 feet, the Onyx covers you up to 200 metres and the GPS device will locate you anywhere provided it is 'visible' by satellite.

Myamie Pendant

The Base Unit
We install a base unit in your home near your telephone point or broadband router. The base unit is generally easy to install, but sometimes it is not easy to set up. This is why we have a trained Customer Support Team in the field, to help you. The button that you wear is a radio trigger, and transmits top the base unit which dials out to the Emergency Response Centre using your telephone line.

Here to Help 03458 247999

Who benefits?

People of all ages who would be vulnerable or at risk in their own homes can benefit from Helpline fall alarms. gaining the assurance that help is at hand in case of a fall, medical emergency, fire or unwelcome caller at the door.

Common reasons that our customers decide to have the fall alarm and monitoring service include the onset of problems with balance, a recent fall, a diagnosis of osteoporosis, cardiac problems, or a mini stroke, neuropathy or any new change in medical condition. Frequently our customers are newly living alone and worried that in the event of a fall or medical emergency no-one would know.


Helpline work with established manufacturers of personal alarms and will discuss with you the best base unit and button for your individual situation. Telephony is changing, and not everyone will have a standard land line in the future.
Single Myamie

Standard analogue landline solution:

Tunstall Vi / MyAmie Pendant or Wrist strap

Single Onyx

Prefer a more stylish button?

Tunstall Vi 

Onyx Pendant or Wrist strap

Onyx Wrist

No analogue line, just broadband:



Myamie Wrist Strap

Mobile Only:

GPS Tracker (styles may vary)

Early intervention is key to best outcomes

With a stroke, 2 million brain cells are lost every 60 seconds

Call: 03458 247999

Who we are

Helpline are at the forefront of the telehealth industry, providing technology and customer focused services to help older adults and vulnerable people overcome challenges that might prevent them from continuing to live safely and independently in their own homes.

The helpline personal alarm service is provided nationwide, helping older people to remain independent in their own homes. The monitored alarm provides reassurance to service users and their families who know that in the event of a fall, or medical emergency in the home, they have a 24/7 monitored response service. Our customers see our fall alarms as a real lifeline in case they need urgent help from a loved one or the emergency services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Call: 03458 247999Alarms & Pricing

At Helpline, we provide more than just personal alarms for the elderly.

Our 5-star service means that the concerns of you and your loved ones are our number one priority.

We are proud of our reputation for outstanding customer service, response and care. It is our mission to take the time building long-lasting relationships and go the extra mile in order to provide the utmost level of care, comfort and reassurance for you and your family. We aim to ensure our life-saving service is as easy to use as possible to help support independence and wellness for the retired. You simply wear a small panic alarm button which you press to get help. No other action is required. No need to remember any numbers. Simple. We provide local service 7 days a week, with members of our professional, caring and courteous regional customer support team, offering support installation and ongoing maintenance for the personal alarms elderly people and their families rely on.


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