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The new Helpline GPS Tracker offers the latest in mobile telecare safety and features sophisticated tracking and communication capabilities to enhance you or your loved one’s safety.

If lost, distressed or in need of help, the wearer can easily trigger an alarm. It allows Helpline to regularly check in with the wearer, be alerted of the wearer’s location, and even communicate over a built-in speakerphone.

Designed for vulnerable people who:

  • desire greater freedom and independence
  • want protection inside and outside their home
  • need a simple way to call for assistance
  • prefer to use a wearable rather than ‘button and box’
  • wish to give reassurance to loved ones and carers

Key Features:

One Touch SOS Button

If you are in distress or just need peace of mind, press the support button to get help. Helpline GPS Tracker will send your details to our control room or contact and open a two way voice in loud speaker.

Reminder Messages

Simple messages can be pre-set to send to your Helpline GPS Tracker , helping wearers to remember important tasks and making it a useful tool to help manage daily living for example, taking medication, keeping appointments with doctor, hospital or support groups.

Fall Sensor

The Helpline GPS Tracker has a built-in 3-axis accelerometer for sense falls. Upon activation, the device will send out alert information and open an audio call.

Status Alerts

Know when the device is switched on/off, charging/battery-levels, moving or not-moving.

Location Updates

The Helpline service allows regular location updates with no intervention of the service user, if any help is required the care network is notified with the location information for the best emergency response.

Safety Zones

Simply create safe zones to monitor movements in and out of areas at certain times of the day or night. When leaving a ‘safe zone’ an alert can be sent to the care network.

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